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We have trackers in stock!


Track your bike with the BikeFinder App.

Integrated discreet design, tamper proof with an unique expansion locking system.

Easy to mount with flexible design, compatible with most handlebars (⌀15mm - 27mm).


Bicycle theft is increasing

Bicycle theft has evolved to become a major social problem. In Norway, through 2016, NOK 125 million was paid from insurance companies to cover clients’ loss of bikes due to theft. Because of this rapid and sudden increase, the police has for the first time in 2015 acknowledged the growing scale of the problem. We agree, and want to do something about it.


Integrated and hidden tracker

BikeFinder is an integrated tracking device using GPS and GSM signalling to make sure you always have control over your bikes location. It will fit any bicycle handlebar and is hidden from the outside. With superior battery life and configurable tracking resolution it guarantees it does not go missing due to an empty battery.

Mobile Tracking

Track your bike via app or web

Use our mobile app or web tracking to see the exact position of your bike. Get alarm notifications if your bike is moved. The super-easy user interface lets you follow the location in real time.

Available on iOS app store on launch.